Protect Your Flat or Low-Slope Roof with Single Ply Roofing 

Superior, Leak-Proof Protection for Your Flat or Low-Slope Roof

Looking for a commercial roofing solution that goes beyond roof coating systems?
Do you need a roofing system that’s engineered for superior reliability and decades of service?

Our Flexion rolled single-ply membrane system might be the best solution for your flat or low-slope roof.

Designed to work over your existing roofing system or on its own in new construction, this single-ply roofing membrane system offers superior protection against the elements–rain, snow, and even hail. The system also offers a Class A fire rating that drastically outperforms traditional EPDM, TPO roofing membrane, rubber, and vinyl roofing, making it a great choice for flammable and high-heat environments.

Based in Lancaster County, PA, CD Beiler Commercial Roofing is a local, certified Conklin commercial roofing contractor providing professional, local roofing services throughout Lancaster, Reading, Harrisburg, York, Carlisle, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and the surrounding area.

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Single-ply Membrane Roofing Advantages

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100% Leak-Proof Protection

We install the single-ply membrane system in a series of overlapping layers that not only seal out water, but divert it away from the roof, eliminating pooling that can lead to future leaks. Plus, the single-ply membrane system is resistant to pollutants and other chemicals that can shorten the useful life of TPO, rubber, vinyl, or standard EPDM roofing systems.

fire proof roof

Superior Fire Resistance

Unlike traditional TPO, vinyl, or EPDM roof coverings, our single-ply membrane system carries a Class A fire rating, making it a great choice for flammable or high-heat environments.

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Superior Protection From UV Rays

The Flexion membrane system, manufactured by Conklin Roofing Systems, is the only single-ply membrane system we install. This system is engineered to reduce sun damage by reflecting up to 83% of the sun’s UV rays. The white, reflective surface also keeps roof temperatures up to 80 degrees cooler, for a significant reduction in energy costs.

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Can Cover Your Existing Roof or Work in New Construction

Whether you want to avoid the cost of tearing off and replacing your existing roof or you need a superior roofing solution for a new construction project, our single-ply membrane system is a cost-effective choice that delivers maximum value. In fact, this system is so versatile it can be installed virtually any time of year.


Works in Any Climate

Single-ply membrane roofing is an energy-efficient choice for any weather climate, the single-ply membrane system offers superior, leak-free protection against wind, rain, heavy snow, and even hail and comes with a 20-year, non-prorated warranty.


Local Installation Service

CD Beiler Commercial Roofing is a locally owned and operated commercial roofing contractor based in Lancaster County, PA. We’re here to provide local service and answer all of your questions. Plus, we back all of our services with a 2-year workmanship warranty in addition to the warranty provided by Conklin Roofing Systems.

Our Single-ply Membrane Installation Process

Designed to work for new commercial buildings or as a covering for your existing TPO, EPDM, rubber, or vinyl roofing system, proper installation of the Flexion roll single-ply roofing system is vital for maximum roof life and superior leak protection. That’s why we install your single-ply system using a precise four-step process.

Step 1: Clean & Prime

First, we thoroughly clean your roof’s surface, removing all loose dirt and debris. Then we add board stock to create a strong, flat surface for membrane installation.

Step 2: Membrane Installation

We install Conklin’s Flexion membrane roof system in precise, overlapping layers, all facing in the direction of water run-off, to prevent standing water from pooling after storms.

Step 3: Seam Welding

Each overlapping layer of the membrane system is carefully welded by hand or with a robotic welder. This seals the membrane for superior, leak-proof protection.

Step 4: Sealing

Finally, we seal every edge, corner, nook, and cranny with a weatherproof urethane sealant. This provides a hermetic seal around the edges and joints of your roof for even more protection.

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