Commercial Roof Membrane Services Near Lancaster, PA

You take care of the inside of your building, but are you paying enough attention to the outside? If you have a roof that needs some work, you have come to the right place. CD Beiler Commercial Roofing knows roof teardowns can be costly and disrupt your day-to-day business. That’s why we provide commercial roof membrane services. Many commercial building owners choose roof restoration over roof replacement because it is a lower-cost option that gives your roof a refresh and won’t disrupt your business. We are ready to restore your roof with our high-quality commercial roof membrane services. You have questions about commercial roofing, and our team of dedicated experts has answers. We are excited to talk to you about your options! Contact us for a FREE roofing inspection today.

Give Your EPDM, PVC, or CSPE Roof New Life

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If your building has an aging EPDM, PVC, CSPE, or another single-ply roofing system, you’ve probably noticed discoloration or weak spots forming over time. You may even have a few leaks. Maybe you’re wondering what your options are—are you thinking, “is it time to replace my roof?”

There is no need to dread the answer to that question because we have good news. Most EPDM, PVC, CSPE, and even rubber or Modified Bitumen roofing systems can be completely restored without the need to replace your roof entirely. Thanks to our high-quality commercial roof membrane systems, there is no costly tear-off or downtime for your business!

At CD Beiler Commercial Roofing, we specialize in restoring membrane roofs with a rubber roof coating that provides leak-free protection for your building. Plus, our membrane coating system can even improve the energy efficiency of your structure. Our roofing restoration ends with a layer of white, reflective coating that reflects UV rays and excess heat. This coating will keep your roof significantly cooler than comparable black rooftops, which gives you energy savings throughout the lifetime of the roof. You pay less to keep your building cool in the hotter months when your building is cooler because of this UV reflection.

Based in Lancaster County, PA, CD Beiler Commercial Roofing is a local, certified Conklin commercial roofing contractor providing professional, local roof coating services throughout Lancaster, Reading, Harrisburg, York, Carlisle, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and the surrounding area.

Conklin roofing products are the right choice for building owners like you because they have a history of over 40 years of roofing excellence. Conklin’s pride in its high-quality products is well-earned. We use Conklin roofing supplies in our roof membrane services because their products align with our commitment to restoring roofs the right way. 

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Benefits of Membrane Roof Coating Systems

Membrane coating systems are an excellent investment because they are leak-proof, durable, fire-resistant, and energy-efficient. They can be installed more quickly than a traditional roof replacement, so there are fewer interruptions to your business operations. These roof products are seamless and offer superior protection from the elements. They maintain their integrity for longer because they can expand and contract with the weather fluctuations throughout the day.

A membrane coating will extend the life of your roof, and our roof coating solutions will have yours looking and performing like brand new in a short period. Check out the other benefits this type of roof restoration might offer you!

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Stops Leaks Right Away

Leaks usually form around the weakest areas of your sloped or flat roofing, including roof seams, protruded areas, or at the site of previous roof patching. Our commercial roof membrane coating system will create a protective, waterproof barrier that seals these weak points. Not only does this end current leakage, but it also prevents further damage to your roof.

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White, Reflective Surface Saves Energy

We spend a great deal of time prepping your roof for the final step in our membrane coating process. In this step, one of our experts applies a white, reflective top coat that reflects UV rays and excess heat away from the building. Keeping your roof up to 80 degrees cooler than black roofs, you’ll save up to 84% on your summer cooling costs. 

Superior Protection

We use proven roof coating products from Conklin Roofing Systems because they have been a leader in roof coating technology since 1977. The seamless protection of our membrane coating system offers superior, leak-proof performance in various weather conditions, including high winds, rain, heavy snow, and even hail. You can rest assured that your roof is keeping your home safe from the elements with a membrane restoration.

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Get Local Service You Can Trust

CD Beiler Commercial Roofing is a locally owned and operated commercial roofing contractor based in Lancaster County, PA. Leave worrying about your roof to us! We’re here to answer your questions from day one. Plus, we offer a 2-year workmanship warranty on all of our services because we want you to be as happy with your roof as we are. Our warranty is in addition to the warranty provided by Conklin Roofing Systems.

Prevent Future Roof Tear Offs

Using a membrane coating system for your restoration is great for the longevity of your building, as it is a simple way to extend the life of your roof. It’s quick to install initially, and it’s easy to re-coat your roof in the future to refresh your protection from the elements. Multiple coats are possible for the entire life of your roofing system, providing decades of performance without the expense of a new roof.

How It Works

The key to successfully restoring your membrane roof is all in preparation. When you use CD Beiler Commercial Roofing, you know your roof is in the right hands. That’s why it is so important to work with a properly trained roofing contractor who has been certified in Conklin roof coating products. We will take the time to properly prepare your roof to receive the final waterproof membrane coating because we want your commercial roof membrane to last for years to come.

EPDM, PVC, CSPE, rubber, and Modified Bitumen roofing systems break down over time due to improper installation, natural wear and tear, or accidents. These things may cause these roof systems to perform less than ideal. Roof restoration with a commercial roof membrane is a great option to repair roofs with these problems! CD Beiler Commercial Roofing is here to take care of your commercial roof membrane services. Contact us today!

Cleaning & Priming

We start by power washing and cleaning your entire roof. This opens your roof’s pores to provide a strong, tacky surface for proper bonding. Next, we prime the surface of your roof with Conklin’s Tack Coat (TM) primer to create an even surface for applying the waterproofing system.

Sealing Seams & Weak Spots

We pay special attention to all seams and weak points and reinforce them with Conklin’s Spunflex fabric. We embed this fabric in layers of roof-sealant base coat to strengthen and waterproof these areas.

Final Coat

The final step is applying Conklin’s Rapid Roof(R) III, a reflective white top coat that seals and protects the roof for decades of leak-free performance.

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