Is a Metal Roof System is the Best Choice for Your Commercial Building?

As a commercial building owner, you know the headache of keeping up with all the maintenance your building needs. But, one of the last maintenance items you want to worry about is your roofing system. If you have to ask yourself, “is my metal roof system going to last another year?” Or, “can I hold off on fixing this leak?” then it’s time for you to get a free on-site roof inspection from us at CD Beiler Commercial Roofing.

We install and revitalize many types of aging roofing systems throughout Lancaster County and the surrounding areas. Plus, our free on-site roof inspection is there as a tool for you—so you never have to question whether your roofing system is going to protect your building.

Benefits of a Metal Roof System

There’s a reason many commercial property owners choose to install a metal roof system—the long list of benefits!  Even better, with regular maintenance and upkeep from a professional roofing company, you can work to repair and revitalize your roofing materials instead of worrying about a total tear-off. Let’s discuss a few of those benefits of a metal roofing system.

Longer Lifespan

When you go to install or repair your metal roof, you need to know that your roofing contractor is capable of doing the job right. Because proper installation and revitalization of your metal roof will offer you seamless protection for decades—unlike asphalt and shingle roofs, which have a shorter lifespan and require more maintenance.

At CD Beiler, we only use high-quality products like those from Conklin Roofing Systems. Since each Conklin Roofing System comes with an industry-leading warranty, you’ll know your building has the right protection.

Prolonging the life of your building’s roofing system is our goal, and that’s why we hire only professional and skilled roofers who install only the highest quality products.

Minimal Maintenance

Properly installed metal roof systems often require little maintenance. However, the weakest point in your metal roof, including standing seam roofing, is the seams that connect the metal roofing panels.

A visual inspection each year of your roofing system and metal roofing panels will enable you to find weakened or damaged areas. Having these areas repaired as they occur will save you money—requiring no total tear-offs and preventing internal damage to your building.

Energy Efficiency

Metal roofing panels are naturally reflective—providing energy savings by reflecting UV rays and keeping your building cooler. However, if you work with us at CD Beiler, know that we take those energy savings a step further. By applying a white, reflective coating as the last step in our restoration and installation process, we add an even better reflective quality to your metal roof.

The white, reflective coating we use in our roofing process can keep your roofing system up to 80 degrees cooler during the summer. That energy efficiency presents significant savings as a commercial property owner.

Downsides of a Metal Roof System

There are some initial downsides to installing a metal roofing system. The two most significant concerns are cost and installation complexity. But, as we have already discussed in this post, metal roof systems have durability, longevity, and cost savings through energy efficiency and less required maintenance.


Initially, costs are higher to properly install a metal roofing system. And, these higher costs may scare some commercial property owners away. However, if you factor in the longevity and energy efficiency savings of metal roofing systems compared to shingles or asphalt, you may find that the initial investment is worthwhile.

Have any questions about cost? Speak with your local professional roofing contractor and ask them to walk you through all initial expenses. Learn everything you can by talking to them about maintenance costs and energy savings over time, too.

No Room Errors While Installing

Inadequate installation of metal roofing panels, even standing seam roofing, will lead to problems down the road. When poorly installed metal roofing panels and seams start to pull apart, your roof deck and building become exposed. This problem worsens as your roof takes on the elements and storm damage.

Errors while installing a metal roofing system will lead to costly issues for your roof and your building.

Hiring a professional and trusted roofing contractor will eliminate the worry of a poorly installed metal roofing system. At CD Beiler, our roofers are certified to install the high-quality Conklin Roofing Systems we use every day. We take roofing seriously and leave no room for error when installing any roofing system.

Is a Metal Roof System Right For Your Building?

Whether you’re trying to decide how to repair and revitalize your current roofing system, or need to replace what you have, work with someone you can trust. At CD Beiler Commercial Roofing in Lancaster, Pa., we want to help you select the best roofing option for your building.

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